Description :

Completely closed and secure cell culture system.

Target :

Assure a sterile, secure and controlled cell culture environment.

Some applications :

- Expansion of hematopoietic progenitors.

- Production of dendritic cells from adherent monocytes and CD34 + cells.

- Selection and expansion of mesenchymal cells.

- Culture and antibody production.

- Culture of cell lines, etc...

Dimensions :

CLINIcell® 25 : 72 mm x 97 mm x 12 mm

CLINIcell® 250 : 265 mm x 182 mm x 16 mm.

Surface de Culture :

CLINIcell® 25 : 25 cm² per face

CLINIcell® 250 : 250 cm² per face

Cell culture surfaces are perfectly flat to ensure a homogeneous distribution of cells. The 2 surfaces are optionally treated plasma to promote cells adhesion.

Volume :

CLINIcell® 25 : 11 ml

CLINIcell® 250 : 120 to 160 ml.

Elements :

Polycarbonate rigid frames, polycarbonate gas permeable film. The rigid structure of CLINIcell ® allows cassettes stacking , easier handling and increased security.

Taux de Transfert gazeux en ml/mil/100 in²/24 hr/atm :

- Air 85 - Nitrogen 50 - Oxygene 300 - Carbon dioxid 1.075

Connexions :

By syringe or directly by connecting it to a luer fitting device. Any type of standard Luer connection (valve, bag, filters etc ...)

Options de Perfusion :

The CLINIcell ® can be connected in parallel or in series to a peristaltic pump and to any other system such as culture or media bags.

Observability :

The excellent optical properties of the polycarbonate film allow a perfect observability of the culture under microscope and monitoring of the cell growth.

Packaging :

Double sterile packaging for single use.

Storage :

A dry, dark and at room temperature.

User Manuals :

Available in downloadable PDF format : the manuals are in French or English..

Certification :

CE marking number : 2128940CE01 by DEKRA. Available in downloadable PDF format in the Quality section (December 2015).


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