The reasons which show that the CLINIcell ® is currently the most suitable device for a modern and healty cell culture.

1 - closed and secure system : for both culture for handler,

2 - Surface culture of 25cm² and 250cm² perfectly flat : for an homogeneous distribution of cells,

3 - Gas Permeable for good cell growth,

4 - Perfectly transparent surface : Allows monitoring of culture under the microscope,

5 - Small medium volume providing substantial economy of media and reagents,

6 - Compact and stackable ensuring ease of use and saves space in the incubator,

7 - Biocompatible and plasma treated cell culture surfaces for better adhesion of the cells,

8 - Fully and easily perfusable,

9 - Allows easy connectivity to various devices on the market thanks to the standard Luer connexions,

10 - CE Marked & sterile for better safety in use and a guarantee for therapeutic applications.

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