We do not compromise on quality.

Mabio’s quality  policy applies to all the sectors of the firm. It is targeted to the satisfaction of our customers and of  our institutional and private partners.

This quality  reflex is accompanied by a systematic willingness to move forward.

Innovation energizes our company, our quality system is the engine that drives our ambition. We seek to better satisfy our customers and partners by anticipating their needs where it is possible.

The quality objectives which reflect the policy are the following :

- Listening to our customers and partners to better understand their needs,
- Expand our ongoing expertise with a constant technological watch,

- Check the validity of our approaches by participating in programs of external quality assessment, and by conducting regular internal audits,

- Deal effectively with any non-conformities by implementing corrective actions,

- Ensure the effectiveness of the internal services working in support of research and of management  in a sense of anticipation of the needs and optimization of the connection between performance and cost.

- Respecting internally and externally  the deontology and confidentiality rules

Under this policy, it goes without saying that our products are manufactured in a controlled atmosphere, in conformity with European standards for medical devices (standard CE93-42 relating to medical devices class IIa). Systematic production controls provide a discharge rate below 0.5%.


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