The business of MABIO, is to bring to its customers and academic and private partners, the solutions and the tools to make evolve the techniques of cellular and tissue engineering “from the laboratory to the patient”. 

Today, one of the main issue concerning the future of the development of the cellular therapies rests on the lack of adapted devices :

 “Certain major obstacles must be raised to start the marketing of stem cells derived products. Among those : develop efficient and qualitative processes of production, transport and conservation of the cells and tissue on a clinical and industrial scale”

Source : LEEM study on the cellular therapies: February 2007

In addition, the needs expressed for the scientists and the clinicians implied in the cellular therapies and concerning the farming systems are the following :

1 - A closed and secured system,
2 - An easy to use device ,
3 - A device giving good outputs and yields.

At MABIO, we are focused since our creation on the development of highly secured products, ensuring perfect harmlessness for the culture the manipulator and the patient.

  We seek to minimize to the maximum the risks of contamination which are at the origin of multiple failures. Thus, the characteristics of our products allow at the same time a total tightness of the devices but also the essential gas exchanges essential to a culture of good quality.

 In the same way, EC marking guarantees to our customers the supply of products fulfilling the regulatory  requirements for cell therapy.

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