The CLINICELL® is a compact cell culture cassette , stackable with a large surface of cultivation. Several cassettes can be interconnected, or with another medical device, for even more surface culture in a closed and secure environment.

The CLINICELL® has the necessary key characteristics for a modern culture, repeatable and efficient. It is made by laboratories MABIO International according to the GMP recommandations according to Directive CE/42/93 for medical devices class IIa (expiry date december 2015).

The CLINICELL® is a sterile or not, robust and fully closed, ensuring thus a high level of protection of both the culture and the manipulator in a completely sterile environment.

The CLINICELL® is manufactured from a biologically, chemically and immunologically inert and biocompatible materials. The CLINICELL® has a rigid frame which makes its handling simple and easier while ensuring the culture and manipulation safety.

The CLINICELL® is available in two sizes: 25 cm2 and 250 cm2, it has two culture surfaces :

- Completely flat for an homogeneous culture,

- Completely transparent for better observation and simple monitoring of culture growth,

- Gas Permeable for optimal gas exchanges,

- Plasma treated (a mixture of inert gases) to promote cells adhesion.

The CLINICELL®, depending on your setup, has a connectivity based on the standard Luer Lock connexions used in all research areas and clinical applications. Thus the change of environment, the addition of elements (nutrients, vitamins and so on. ...) during the culture is very simple without any risk of contamination or mishandling.

We work permanently in the CLINICELL® so that all conditions are met to obtain the best performance of culture and that your cells grow in a healthy, secure, with no stress or pollution environnment.


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