The art to cultivate animal or human cells in laboratory to make  those cells a tool for research, production, diagnosis or therapy became a daily reality and an activity in strong progression. The culture of skin and cartilage are already industrialized since nearly twenty years. Today, the scientists imagine to reconstitute in vitro any tissue starting from cultured stem cells.
To allow new ways of investigations and to satisfy the requirements of quality and safety, this cellular ingeniery requires innovating tools.
It is for the actors of cell and tissue engineering that MABIO designs and develops new products.
Our vocation, is to provide our customers and partners (research centers, laboratories and hospitals) with secured tools which will make possible the cell therapies of today and tomorrow and to  make possible the better understanding  and better overcoming of the diseases.
Our products are particularly, used in the treatment blood diseases, diabetes and cancers, but also in applications of tissue construction or reconstruction.
The products which we have developped and which we continue to improve are completely innovative compared to the usually used devices. They show biological, technical and reglementary characteristics which make them the ideal tools for efficient cellular and tissue therapies.
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