CLINIcell benefits

The benefits to use the CLINICELL culture cassettes are demonstrated daily by our customers.

Overall, CLINICELL combines the advantages of flasks and culture bags in a closed and secured device  for a perfectly controlled environment.
Thus you will obtain :
Optimal growth, survival, functionnal rates,
Exact reproducibility of experiments consistent with the results of one test to another,
A very good observability under microscope,
Multiple connection options (luer lock)
A good gas permeability due to surface treatments,
Gain of room on the shelf and in the incubator
Optimum culture area,
Completely sterile environment,

Characteristics Benefits

No contamination risks for the culture and the manipulators,
Easy agitation in total security,
Easy transport,
Media savings.

Treated Polycarbonate Membrane

Allows to sort out the cells (adherents/non adherents),
Assures at the same time  the waterproofness of the device and the gaseous exchanges with the atmosphere.

Observable under microscope

Safety for the culture,
Safety for the manipulator,
Safety for the patient,
Reliability and uniformity of the results from an essay to the other.


Reduces the manipulations.

Gaz Permeable

Allows gaz exchanges with the outside.


Easy to handle,
Reduces manipulations,
Compatible with other transfusion elements.

Compact and stackable

Room gain,
Optimisation of the ratio usable volume vs culturing surface.

Connectable in series or in parallel

Allows multiple configurations.

Big cell culture surface (CLINIcell 250)

Optimisation of the ratio usable volume / cell culture area : up to 2 x 250 cm2 for 125 ml media


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