CLINIcell applications

CLINIcell may be used as single device for the main operations of the cell culture laboratory :

- Culture of cells or tissues
- Ultrasound bioeffects
- Transport
- Freezing / thawing

Thus, many tedious manipulations are simplified and secured. Moreover, the biological, technical and regulatory qualities of CLINICELL  ensure both quality and safety of the culture, so that you will adopt the CLINICELL from your first test!

Finally, cassettes CLINICELL are economical to use compared to culture flasks :
- Less handling,
- Less space in the incubator,
- Less space in freezer
- Less consumption of media.
Do not hesitate to describe your protocols, we will help you to simplify them.
Many application examples exist. Call us, we will find one that suits to your  needs.


The CLINICELL is the ideal tool for a modern and healthy culture.
Its features makes it an ideal tool offering the highest security for the culture, the handler and the patient.

With its design and its multiple possibilities of connection it can be the basis or easily been integrate into a closed culture system protocol.

Of course, CLINICELL may be coated with your usual matrix (collagen, fibronectin ....).
Use the CLINICELL as a Petri dish or a flask, you will quickly discover the benefits of its use

Cell types most often grown in the CLINICELL
- Embryonic Stem Cells
- Stem cells derived from cord blood
- Stem cells from bone marrow
- Stem cells derived from adipose tissue
- Mesenchymal stromal cells
- Hematopoietic stem cells
- Adipocytes
- Endothelial cells
- Epithelial cells
- Keratinocytes
- Chondrocytes
- Smooth muscle cells
- Neuronal cells
- Dendritic cells
- NK cells
- Lymphocytes


The CLINICELL can carry safely your fresh or frozen cells. Simply insert your cassette culture in a sterile bag, pack it in a suitable container. And that's all.

Very robust, the membranes of the CLINICELL are  waterproof while allowing gas exchange between the culture and the outside atmosphere. It also allows a substantial economy in medium (10 ml vs 50 ml or 70 ml in a 25 cm2 flask).

It is possible with the CLINICELL to ship samples during cell growth or after freezing. On arrival, just renew culture medium and put the cassette in the incubator. Cell proliferation restarts very easily.


The CLINICELL easily resists to extreme temperatures up to -156 ° Celsius. It also supports rapid thawing. Simply remove the cassette from the freezer, plunge it in a water bath at 37 °C. . After thawing (few minutes), change the freezing media for culture media and place the CLINICELL in the incubator. The proliferation naturally restart.
The freezing of the cells directly into the cassette CLINICELL avoids the manipulations and the  cellular stress related to cells' trypsinization and centrifugation .

Freezing :
- No enzymatic detachment,
- No centrifugation,
- Freezing during proliferation phase.

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